Saab Club Winter Tour 2023: City and ‘Burbs Edition

UPDATE: Jim Kenzie will be attending the tour, and he will have his book, In the Driver’s Seat with Jim Kenzie, for sale for the special price of $30! And he will auto-graph it for you, too! This is the book that holds the Saab stories, some of which he told us about in our November 2022 meeting.

You can’t get this book at the corner bookstore, and it is not currently available on-line. You can get it from Jim, though, and Jim will be happy to sell a copy to you!

Sale is cash only, exact change appreciated.

We will do something different this mild and messy season. We will take a tour through city and suburbs. On the way, we will:

  • Get some remarkable views (for Toronto) and travel roads that may remind you of San Francisco (or maybe not!)
  • Visit what might politely be called an environmentally questionable area
  • Visit locations which look nice and pleasant now, but have a tragic history
  • Tour middle-class suburbs, very posh suburbs, and rapidly mansionifying streets
  • Take in some waterfront views (if it’s not snowing too badly)
  • Travel through a cottage community founded in 1885
  • Take a look at a massive waterfront redevelopment in Mississauga
  • Finish at Stonehooker Brewery on Lakeshore Rd between Dixie and Cawthra, where you can explore their variety of brews, available in cans and large and small growlers

If this sounds interesting, join us in the parking lot of Amesbury Arena, 145 Culford Rd. This is in the Lawrence Ave W./Black Creek Drive/Keele St. area. Please arrive by 10:45 AM for the Driver’s Meeting. A route sheet will be available–hopefully it won’t be needed much! Most of our driving will be on 30-50 km/h streets.

We will finish the route at about 1:30 PM, for a tour time of approximately 2.5 hours.

Please also note the following:

Please bring clothing and footwear suitable for the weather and short walks (10 to 20 minutes maxumum) on park paths.

Although this tour is all on urban streets (with a stretch of freeway driving), there are many steep grades and sharp curves on the route. Good winter tires are strongly recommended.

Full details including map are found in the event listing.

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