Saab Club of Canada Membership

Membership Benefits

For only $40 per year… (note there is also a $70 for 2 years option also available)

  • Access to PDF versions of SCNA Nines magazine – from smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Fun Social Events – Annual Winery Tour, Annual Fall Colours Tour / Special Events
  • Club Meetings
  • Free copies of SCNA Nines magazine (if you come to club meetings)
  • Club Discounts from Sponsors
  • Technical information, How-to, Do It Yourself
  • Full Website Access including Members-Only Content
  • Member affiliation with The Saab Club of North America – a benefit for Canadian Club members that provides us with the same membership benefits as paid SCNA members, including the ability to attend the annual Saab Owners Convention (usually held in various locations across the US) without having to purchase an SCNA membership
  • A member club with the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs of Canada, Ontario Region (CASC-OR). Additional information can be found at
  • Access to the club’s Tech-2 at club events (you will need to sign the waiver!)
  • Finally, the membership is available to past or prospective SAAB owners who  perhaps temporarily drive other cars. SAABs are becoming collectible and our group helps to keep them on the road. You don’t need to drive a SAAB to join the Club.

NOTE: PayPal will work with your PayPal account, or you can pay by credit card without needing an account.

If you want a 2 year membership for $70 please return to the menu and select “Membership” and “Saab Club of Canada Membership – Two Years”