Privacy Policy

The Saab Club of Canada Privacy Policy

The Saab Club of Canada (SCC) respects and protects the privacy of personal information of its members. Personal information is information that is collected from and provided to SCC by an individual as part of the normal operation of its services and in accordance with applicable provincial and federal legislative requirements. SCC does not provide an individual’s personal information to third parties for marketing or other purposes without the individual’s express consent, although SCC may use the information for its own purposes, including communicating club activities, policies and Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and as part of its membership in Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs – Ontario Region (CASC-OR).

By joining the SCC or creating an account on the SCC website, or by subscribing to any of its services or activities including those on the web site, you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the included Privacy Statement.

The following privacy statement is an overview of how we collect and use your personal information. If you have questions please contact SCC by email at

Privacy Statement

The primary purpose for which SCC may collect personal information of individuals is to provide a safe, efficient and effective operation in the ordinary course of its activities and in its provision of services to interested individuals. Only information consistent with these purposes is requested and collected, and may be retained and used for such purposes.

The SCC website can be accessed and browsed without the provision of personal information, but use of specific areas of the site may require an individual to provide contact and identity information, which can then be maintained, stored and used for purposes consistent with SCC’s operations. Information requested may include personal information that is not required, in which case the individual has the option to refuse to provide or disclose the information. Where information is required in order for the individual to access or use services of the club, or to participate in its lawful activities, the individual can choose to not provide the required information by choosing not to use the service or feature, or to not participate in the activity.

Where access or use of SCC’s services requires and elicits the provision of financial information of an individual (e.g. the PayPal account information normally provided to the recipient of a payment), that information can be used to verify the accuracy of the personal information provided as well as for participation in activities of the organization.

Information of individual users of the SCC web site or email services may be automatically tracked and used for information and research purposes to determine user demographics, interests and behaviour, to assist SCC to better ascertain, understand and service its community of interest. This information may include the URL from which the SCC site is accessed, the URL next visited, and the individual’s computer browser information and IP address.

SCC may use data collection devices known as ‘cookies’ on its site to track web page access, use, and promotional effectiveness, and to provide services more efficiently. Cookies are small files placed on a user’s hard drive that assist in the provision of services, some of which may be accessible only by means of a cookie, and they may be used to assist SCC  to provide information targeted to specific user demographics or interests. 

Personal correspondence or messages posted to the SCC website, bulletin boards or emails will be collected and may be used by SCC in accordance with its privacy policy. Personal information about an individual forwarded or sent to SCC by a third party (e.g. the transaction information PayPal provides merchants) may also be collected and used, and may be retained and stored by SCC for future use. Additional uses for such information may include use to resolve or address disputes, provide support and troubleshoot problems.

Use of Personal Information

SCC reserves the right to use personal information to facilitate services requested by an individual. Personal information provided and collected in accordance with applicable laws and SCC’s privacy policy, including information about current or past activities of an individual; help promote safe usage; measure/monitor use of and interest in SCC’s services and activities; promote online and offline offers, products, services, updates, activities and member club information, services and activities; to protect SCC against error, fraud and criminal or unacceptable activity and conduct; to enforce a User Agreement where applicable; to further the lawful operations of SCC in accordance with its products and services; and to identify users using multiple user identifications or aliases. Other uses may apply as disclosed or described at the time of collection of the personal information.

Use of SCC services or products constitutes express agreement by the individual to the uses and disclosure of personal information as set out in the SCC Privacy Policy, Privacy Statement and in accordance with any express consent or applicable User Agreement. An individual may opt out, in writing, from the receipt of certain communications, but other uses of personal information as set out will continue to apply.

Disclosure of Information

Personal information of an individual will not be sold or rented to a third party or disclosed except in accordance with the SCC Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement.

Members’ names, email addresses and mailing addresses are provided annually to Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs – Ontario Region (CASC-OR).  This transfer of information is to enable SCC members to receive the benefits of CASC-OR membership and for the verification and allocation of SCC’s voting rights in CASC-OR.

If the Saab Club of North America (SCNA) or one of the merchants who offer discounts to SCC members contacts the SCC to verify membership details already provided by the member to the SCNA or the merchant in order to obtain restricted or discounted products and services, as a courtesy to the member SCC will verify membership status but will not proactively provide names or other information of members to SCNA or merchants.

Except as may be required by law, personal information such as name, email address, password and financial information will not be disclosed to any other third party without the individual’s explicit consent. SCC will cooperate at all times with law enforcement inquiries and other agencies in accordance with applicable legislation and/or as may be legally required in the course of investigation, enforcement or prosecution.

Third Party/External Service Providers

Use of information provided by an individual to external or third party provider (e.g. PayPal), whether accessed through or as a result of the use of SCC services or activities, are governed by the privacy policy and practices of that provider, and are not the responsibility of SCC. Please review directly to the service provider for applicable information and specification of their intended uses.

No Liability by SCC

SCC expressly denies any responsibility or liability for personal information provided by or on behalf of an individual to a third party. Any individual accessing or using SCC’s services is reminded that the responsibility to protect an individual’s password remains the sole responsibility of the individual.

Security of Stored Information

SCC uses procedural and technical safeguards to store and protect personal information against loss, theft, conversion, unauthorized access and disclosure, both from within and from outside of SCC. Privacy is further protected by use of current versions of website and membership software which are regularly patched and maintained. However, despite security and safeguards, users are reminded that security on the internet cannot be assured.  SCC does not store members’ credit card numbers. 

Personal Information Access, Change and Deletion

An authorized individual will at all times during the ordinary course of SCC’s operations have access to his or her personal information that is in the possession of SCC except where or unless the information is legally privileged and therefore not legally subject to access or disclosure.  Personal information provided is visible to logged-in members on the “Membership/Account Status” page and should be promptly updated for accuracy and use purposes. Membership information, including user profiles and contact information, can be accessed, reviewed and changed at any time on the SCC web site as described above.

On written request by the individual, directly to SCC, SCC will deactivate the individual’s account and delete the contact information from the database.  However, SCC will retain in its files some personal information to prevent fraud or to address its stated purposes, including but not limited to: prevent fraud, maintain club and financial records, collect fees owed, resolve disputes, assist with investigations, enforcement and compliance with legal requirements. Such information shall be retained and stored, accessible only to select SCC personnel.

Amendments to the Policy

SCC reserves its right to amend its Privacy Policy and the Privacy Statement at any time by posting the amended terms on the web site.


SCC can be contacted at any time with questions of concerns related to its Privacy Policy and the Privacy Statement.  Please contact us via email at or via the club’s Webmaster ( , President ( or Vice President (