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  1. Parting out of 4 Saab’s 2002-03 -93, + one 2003 -93 , two cars are 4 door, 2 are convertibles, all cars have running motors, 3 are in storage and one needs an inspection before being plated but is in excellent condition. One car which was being used up to Feb. 2023 has lost it’s key

    Cars are sold with no guarantees. There are many extra parts, mag wheels, spare engine,etc… buyer must take all 4 cars and all spare parts.

    The 2 convertibles are in excellent condition.

    Asking price $10,000.00 or best offer first come first served, please serious buyers only, cars may be seen 7 days a week with an appointment.

    I also need help to put one car in neutral can anyone help me, the keys have been lost. I tried pushing the ketch alongside the shiftier with no luck, must there be a battery in place when doing so?

    1. Hi Rob;

      I do not have experience with auto trans Saabs, however it seems that you need the key to do this in any case. Official instructions are if there is a loss of power, to turn the key to OFF (from LOCK) and depress the button.

      And if there is power, the car has to be ON.

  2. Visiting in Vancouver and just broke-off a passenger-side mirror off a 2008 9-3 Sport 4Dr. Any one with any ideas about who best to contact for Saab parts and service in Vancouver area? Please let me know. Thanks, greatly appreciated. Cheers.

    Yurij Michael Pelech
    T: 416-574-5978

    1. Hello Yurij: did you receive a reply to your enquiry? I have recently purchased a 2005 9-3 2.0T and I am also looking for a garage in or near Vancouver that handles Saabs.
      Thank you ~ David Shaw

  3. Hi everyone!

    I just purchase a plated 1971 Saab 96 that I plan on restoring myself. I was wondering if you guys have any advise on websites or stores in Canada where I can find parts?

    Thank you,


    1. I don’t know that there are a lot of those older cars in Canada. However, the US has a number of scrapyards, such as Goldwing Saab, that should be able to help you. There may be individuals up here in Canada that have some parts, so I guess you could try a want ad, here or on kijiji, to see what you can get.

  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Transmission rebuild or replacement for a 1993 Saab 900 Turbo? The car wont go in 1st gear and I am told the gearbox / transmission needs to be replaced.

  5. Hello Saab-peeps! I am looking for an amplifier for 2005 9-3 Arc Convertible. We were able to bypass the amp for now but the sound is not good so I can’t live with it permanently. Any leads on one would be greatly appreciated! TIA

  6. I have a handful of parts if anyone is in need of it for free, only take what you need .
    Just want to do what I can to keep Saabs on the road.


    Engine Mount 5064431 2000 9-3 used SAAB
    CV Joint Boot Kit – Front Outer 2000 9-3 new GKN
    Light Bulb (Instrument Cluster) 2000 9-3 new FLÖSSER
    Air Conditioning Expansion Valve 2007 9-5 new ACM

  7. Hi , club members I’m new to the group and I’m not sure where I should post a request. I would like to to program a spare key for my 2007 9-5 how do I go about getting the access to the Tech II tool? I have never used it before.

    I would also like to introduce myself if someone could let me know where I could post my introduction would be great.

  8. I have a good selection of parts for Ng900, early 9-5 , fenders hoods, Ecu , radio, headlights, seats etc etc.
    Starting to post in ‘Classifieds’ section on club site.
    More will be posted and listed on Kijiji moving forward.
    Moving house, need them gone and rather they went to an enthusiast. Or if you have a Saab shop and want to boost your inventory (pardon the pun) let me know.
    Moving house and need them gone.

  9. Oops, I guess I should have posted my parts ad request in here, sorry. Anyway please check out my classified ad just posted seeking parts for our driveshaft.

  10. New to site, I need the fitting size of the hydraulic clutch line from clutch M/cyl to clutch slave cyl.
    I have a 1991 Saab 900s, been off the road in garage since 2006. I have just finished clutch, pressure plate, both cylinders. small leak in braid part of line.
    I am org owner of Saab, bought it Germany in fall of 1990. No rust, body great. if I can get line will have back on road.
    any info “”

  11. Looking for advice on 2 matters relating to my 2001 9-3 convertible. I would like to locate specialists in the Toronto, Kingston or Ottawa areas who can A). replaced my convertible top (lining & outer covering) – prior experience with Saab roofs would be greatly valued here. B). sew a loose seam on the outer side of the driver’s seat airbag – few auto upholsterers seem willing to restitch a seat containing an air bag ( due to liability issues). Many thanks in advance for any info you can provide on these topics. Blueridge

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Not sure about Kingston or Ottawa. In the Toronto area, Beacon Motors or Lang Autocars would be worth asking. You can also try Budd’s Saab in Oakville. I would expect that any of these shops have outsourced these kinds of jobs to local upholstery shops, and would know who has the experience to tackle the job.

  12. For Sale: 2003 Saab 95 Linear Front Fenders, in very good condition (Saab color code 279, Steel Grey). Asking $200.00 for the pair. Available for pickup in St Catharines, will send pictures upon request.

    1. I think there might be an OG9-3 convertible at Mike’s Auto Parts yard in Stoney Creek. Whether it has a good antenna mast, I don’t know. If it’s the shark-fin thing, they all tend to rot….

  13. Hi,

    I am having an issue with my remote not being able to start my 2005 Saab 9-3, and I am told that I will have to replace my CIM. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who had similar issues. No matter what, I will need to find a mechanic with a Tech 2 computer to reprogram my CIM. Mobile would preferable.
    I am in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

    1. Do you have only the one key? If so, you want to get another one ASAP!

      There’s a kijiji user that’s always selling used Saab parts. Maybe they can help you out. Also, there are several kijiji posters in Montreal who have parts and Tech II.

      I’m not sure who in Ottawa has a Tech II, sorry.

  14. Hi there,
    Aftermath of ice storm on the weekend…ACC panel on 2005 Saab 9-3 Aero convertible is completely blank and is not turning on…checked fan and it is spinning…replaced car battery…is there a fuse that I am not aware of that could be out…checked the fuse panel and any fuse that is remotely connected to the ACC panel is still intact..

    1. Hi Paul;

      So basically the ACC is doing nothing, no matter how you fiddle with it?

      A bit of a search on “9-3 acc dead” shows that it’s not impossible that it has, in fact, stopped working.

      These cars are reasonably plentiful in the junk yards. An ACC unit wouldn’t run more than thirty or forty dollars. However, I’m not familiar enough with the cars to know about any year or model differences (convertible vs sedan). Also I suspect a Tech II will be needed to marry the new ACC.

  15. Hello – I am getting error P0700 on my 07 9-3 Aero. This is accompanied by a message “Stability Control Failure” and “Limited Performance”. Car goes into limp mode.

    What parts are likely to cause this?

    Any experience with this?

    1. im having trouble ed -im looking for front and rear seats for my 1998 saab convertible can you help me. im tergeo- we are in Canada and planning a trip to the usa if necessary to get them. I cant seem to get the link here to put up an add. thks

      1. Hi Tergeo;

        Just enter a comment like you have.

        Your convertible can use the front seats from any 1994-1998 900 convertible or two-door hatchback. The rear seats would be from a convertible only.

        There are a couple of convertibles at Mike’s wreckers in Stoney Creek, but at least some are 9-3 (seats won’t fit) and one has a driver’s seat that has caught fire.

        Goldwing in New York State may be your best bet.

  16. Hi, folks. I’m interested in adding sway bars to my ’87 900, and would need bars, brackets, and bushings to do the job. I can fill in the blanks for smaller pieces, but would appreciate reasonable completeness here. I am also interested in a lower console assembly. Please let me know!

    Calgary, Ab

  17. Selling four 205/50R16 all season radials in good condition. They come mounted on Saab original equipment aluminum rims which are in very good condition (from a 2000 9-3 SE).

    The four tires are two Riken Raptors; one Falken; and one Ventus HRII. All four tires are in good condition, with at least another 6 to 8 months of warm weather driving left in them; and one of the four has about double that amount of tread-wear remaining.

    $220 or best offer takes them.

  18. I’m a new member of the club and currently the owner of three Saabs: a 2000 9-3 SE automatic; a 2003 9-3 Linear 5 speed (my favourite); and a 2006 Arc automatic (which my wife and 19 year-old son also drive.)

    Time to sell the 2000 9-3 SE (216,349 kms.) for repair or put it out to pasture for scrap:

    Selling my 2000 Saab 9-3 SE for parts or repair to be put back on the road.

    Requires crankshaft position sensor, fuel pump, and rear brakes (approximately $2K in parts and labour according to Saab repair specialist Aktive Motors in Oakville) to be put back on the road.

    Entire vehicle body and parts are intact. Comes with four winter tires on steel rims (currently on the car); plus four all season radials mounted on Saab-branded aluminum rims.

    $500 or OBO takes it. Call Brendan at 647-361-9852 or 647-218-8243 (text also).

      1. Hi , my 2002 9-3 SE has 4-doors plus the big hatchback and I cannot see why a regular sedan rack would not be the same. But, maybe there is a technical difference; hard to know. In any case, still searching.

        1. Hi Alice;

          You need a rack that’s for a sedan/four-door/five-door 900 or 9-3, from 1994 to 2002. That’s a different body style from the 2003-up 9-3. Racks for those newer cars won’t fit (at least, I really doubt they would fit).

          You do need to make sure that they are sedan racks, which means they are both the same. The coupé/three-door versions had a different rear rack. However, most of the racks that show up on kijiji are for the sedans.

          Here’s a set in Ottawa that should be right:

          You want to make sure that there are two pins on the legs of both racks, and that the adjusting screw on the end of the rack turns. The price is a bit high, maybe you can bargain them down.

          This is a two-door set that won’t fit:

          And these are racks for the 2003 and newer cars, pretty obviously won’t fit your 2002:

    1. Got a recall notice for airbag. Closest service to me is Roy Foss. Anyone have experience with Saab service there? Is Budd’s a better bet? Michael

      1. There is nothing complicated about the airbag replacement (old module is removed, new one installed). I think it takes half an hour. So as long as they are able to get the part and willing to do the swap, I wouldn’t worry.

        If they hem and haw, Budd’s in Oakville has been doing lots of airbag replacements recently.

  19. Hi, I’m looking for the less expensive way to replace the windshield (front, w/o sensor) that came cracked with my Saab 9-3 sportcombi 2006. Thanks!

    1. What is less expensive?

      I was quoted $350 for windshield installed in my 9-5 with rain-sensing. Would not have been OEM obviously. This was at A&W Glass, 821 Kipling.

      The windshield is a structural part, and a safety item in a collision. I would not try to replace one on my own!

  20. Wanted: 16″ Saab OEM alloy rims for 9-5. Southern Ontario.
    These are 16×6.5 with ET49. Can also be from older 9-3.

    I have a few sets of different designs but they all have one or more bent rims. If you have individual rims or a set sitting in your basement, let me know how many and which design. Maybe your set is good, or maybe I can combine your rims with one of my sets to make a complete set. Thanks!

  21. Looking for front end body parts for 02′ 9-3 convertible blue with tan leather interior. Hood, headlights, side lights, Contact me at if interested please. Also fyi I am in the London, ON area but willing to travel if necessary (within reason). Thanks everyone

    1. Hi
      While my membership is pending I do have a quick and hope easy question. After storing my 2006 9-3 aero manual tran with the battery disconnected for the winter I am recieving the following message after reconnecting charged battery:
      “Steering lock malfunc. make safe stop. contact Saab dealer.”
      I have disconnected (waited 10 minutes) and reconnected battery, inserted key waited, removed it and then reinserted it again. Key will still not turn out of lock and still same error message. It is stored way back on the property and without steering cannot get to a tow truck (laugh now).
      Any help or suggestions will be considered.
      Thanks, Marsha

      1. I found a Saab bulletin 383-2623 that describes the exact issue you are having. It looks like it was a recall. You can contact Budd’s Saab or your local (ex) Saab dealer to get information whether your car is part of the problem. The following is kind of a garbled copy but you get the idea:

        MODIFICATION INSTRUCTION  Bulletin Nbr:383-2623  Date:………..Juni 2006  Market:enl. separat lista Replacing the steering column lock
         Customer Satisfaction Program 154 42

        9-3 (9440) 6 2006
        Bulletins – SI/MI – (383-2623) R…
        A personal communication must be sent to the owners of cars already delivered requesting them to get in touch with the nearest Saab garage as soon as possible to have the fault rectified.
        Saab 9-3 M05-06 within Vehicle Identification Number ranges 51049407 – 61006320 and 56016430 – 66002064
        Cracks in the hall sensors have arisen during the manufacture of steering column lock units.
        The car cannot be started and the message “Steering column lock. Stop safely. Contact workshop” is shown in the SID.

        1. Thanks for this response and the email about this. Great to be part of a group so willing to lend a hand. I did check on the recall and my VIN is not in the range for this.
          As soon as I get this fixed I will post and let you all know what we did, just in case for some one else.
          There is a rumored work around for removing a fuse, so I am following up on then.
          Best & Thanks, Marsha

          1. I did get it running. Buffalo, NY has a Saab repair guy with cars in various stages on his lot. Carlos came out the where the car was parked with his Tech2 computer. He overroad the steering wheel lock and reset everything. Minutes later he drove it out of the very narrow drive and I am ready for summer. The price for a house call w/repair was way resonable.


    Hello Everyone,

    I have a 1997 Saab 900S 2.OT that in fairly good condition and has developed a recent backfire no start condition… so far I have tracked it to the Direct Ignition Cassette (which has several cracks on 3 of the 4 stalks) where is a good place to get a replacement in the GTA and what is the average cost to expect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi;

      You need the red cassette, that’s a bit harder to get new. It was found in 900/9-3 cars up through the 1999 model year, then they switched to black. If you can make it to a you-pick junkyard, you could get a cassette, it should be pretty quick to see if it works better than what you have. I would guess that a yard might charge you $25-45, it can depend on their mood. I know there’s at least one car with a red cassette at Cookstown auto wreckers.

      Some of the local shops that take apart cars might have a good one from a car. You could try Zoom or Beacon and see what they say. Or, keep your eye out for someone scrapping a car. Kijiji is your friend.

      Getting a new red DIC will cost lots more.

  23. For Sale – SAAB 9-5 exhaust system with 3 pieces. This fits most 1999-2009 SAAB 9-5 but please check to make sure this will fit your specific car. It was originally purchased for a 2004 SAAB 9-5 Arc.

    The pieces are as follows. Starla is made for European cars by Walker. The stickers show France as the country of origin.

    Intermediate flex pipe for SAAB 9-5 with flange on each side
    Starla Part No. 06124
    SAAB OE No.32019395

    Centre Muffler for SAAB 9-5 with flange on front and direct fit to rear muffler at back
    Starla Part No. 23062
    SAAB OE No.32019362

    Rear Exhaust Muffler for SAAB 9-5 with direct fit to centre muffler above (clamp not included)
    Starla Part No. 23099
    SAAB OE No.32017521

    All 3 pieces are brand new and have never been installed on a car.. They are listed on Kijiji with pictures now at:

    You can also search Kijiji Toronto GTA for – SAAB 9-5 New 3 pc exhaust muffler flex pipe system by STARLA.

    Original cost was over $600 USD ($780 CDN) with shipping and duties/taxes. Selling all 3 pieces for $500 CDN – no shipping, tax/duties. Local pick only in Etobicoke.
    Contact email:

  24. Hi All, need left front fender, 2002-93 hatch, Toronto area – will travel to pickup. Also, driver’s window does not go UP from the switch; am able to operate the motor directly; Is the switch removeable from the control box and/or can the box be opened? Are these switch boxes interchangeable?

      1. Is your car two-door or four-door?

        Does it have a sunroof?

        This makes a difference because the switch layout changes. I have a couple of spare switchboxes but one is for a coupé without sunroof, and another is for a convertible.

        I have heard of people opening the boxes and fixing the switches inside. The box itself pries up, I think from the back. You may want to check someplace like SaabCentral. If it was me, I’d hit a pull-your-own junkyard and see if they have a 9-3 with same layout as yours and grab the switch pack.

  25. Say,
    l remember coming across a wrecking yard in or about London, Ontario, that only deals in salvaging SAAB’s……anyone have his number/location?

  26. I will be bringing my 95 Areo to a mechanic as the right headlight goes on and off. It is definately not the bulb! I would say that it is the electrical going to it. I don,t know so perhaps you could advise me.

  27. Not really a note about parts, but I’m interested in any of your are changing your transmission fluid. I have a 2006 Saab 93 4 cylinder Turbo, 190000 km. When I kick in the turbo at around 100 km/hr, I get slippage for a second with a higher gear. Anyone had this? I have never had this problem with any of my cars and my car is very well maintained (I took auto mechanics in school)! 🙂

    There is nothing in my manual about changing out transmission fluid and I don’t even know if it has a plug so I can do this. Any assistance/advice/information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Diana, is it an automatic or a manual? You might want to check out the NG9-3 forums on A lot of the newer automatics are closed up, and the filters are internal. That does make it tricky. Sometimes a replacement transmission from a scrapped car is indicated. 🙁

  28. Maybe someone with a C900 could use these foglight covers and “mud trays” (look like heavy-duty floor mats):

    If you have kids and want to start them driving an ur-Saab, well the price isn’t cheap (perfect starting point for owning Saabs 😛

  29. HELP….

    I am looking for a Ignition Coil for a 97 Saab 900 Turbo. My car was parked for a long time (2-3 years) and have just got it going again, but I have a check engine, and the car seems to studder/doesnt seem to be firing properly. My Mechanic said the next step is to replace the Ignition Coil, however they are very expensive, and am haivng a problem locating one….

    I’m located in Toronto and need some help/suggestions from my Saab Family…

    1. You can try new correct NGK plugs, set to the correct gap. If that doesn’t help, then yes the DIC would need to be replaced. You might find a Saab in the junkyard with a DIC that you can grab. That would be cheaper than a new one. Everything I hear says “avoid the made in China DICs”.

  30. Hello SAABers,

    My ’97 SAAB 900 SE TURBO CONVERTIBLE has been out for the winter. Summers approaching and it has some details that I want to fix before taking it on road. If any of you have, or knows where I can purchase the following parts it would be a great help.
    I need:

    – A Driver side fender over the back tire
    – A Glove compartment
    – the Driver side light
    – A new Gear Shifter Knob
    – A new Hood Emblem

    1. The gear shifter knob I’d check with a dealer, such as Budd’s. I’m not aware of any aftermarket equivalents. I think I paid around $65 for a new leather knob.

      Which light are you looking for? Anyway, a junkyard should be able to help you, or GB Autos has a big supply. 900 and OG9-3 interchange, so you don’t need to find a ’97.

      Glove compartment, you want to find a 900 in the junkyard. The 9-3 black doesn’t match the 900 black. No 900s at Cookstown, but maybe Mike’s would help. This should be cheap.

      The rear fender is part of the quarter panel, so you’d need to talk to a body shop about that.

  31. I have 4 wheels off my 1990 Saab 900 Convert. the tires are almost new, the wheel are in very good shape, no curb rash of dents, they would be fine for Winter Tires. $300.00,

  32. hi i have a 2007 saab 97 4.2 L. i am trying to find a ignition ket switch and am having bad luck do anyone knoe where i could find one need it asap

    1. Contact Goldwing Saab Parts in Hastings N,Y. just north of Syracuse, they have everything and then some, I was there over the weekend, they have at least 1000 Saabs lined up neatly by year and model

  33. Hi – New Saab Owner here. Got a 2005 Saab 9-3t Linear and loving it. I need a front lip though…any available? even if its used or slightly abused I will take it

  34. looking for:

    I’m looking for the following coil for 1989 Saab standard, non turbo unit.

    Coil and model assembly only.

    Please send me a price, an availability and tested unit confirmation.

  35. I have some parts for a 1985 SAAB … spare tires, wheel, headlight, other miscellanous small items.

    I am giving these to anyone who is interested, so free to you.

    I live in South Mississauga area.

    1. I’m looking for the following coil for 1989 Saab standard, non turbo unit.

      Coil and model assembly only.

      Please send me a price, an availability and tested unit confirmation.

  36. Long time lurker first time poster. Have some extra saab stuff my boyfriend and I are looking to sell finally. Clearing out the basement. These are from part out vehicles. Have a couple fuel pumps, ac compressor, amp, maf, sid, radio, etc. Lots more. Also have transmission and differential fluid as well. Please contact me at if interested.

  37. Hi,

    I have a wind deflector for a 2004 on 9-3 convertible in A1 condition, looking to swap / sell for same item that will fit a ng900 / early 93.
    Also have a manual tranny from a 2000 9-5 Aero complete with clutch shifter and mounts again in A1 working order – make me an offer.

  38. Howdy, a newbie from the Wet Coast. On my second 900s: 1995. 2.3 l, non-turbo, auto. Nice car but running rough. Scan indicates need for Mass Air Flow Sensor.

    I can supply picture if you send email address. Easy part to remove. Just downstream of air filter.

    Anyone have one? Anyone in Vancouver area?
    Cheers, Cordell

    1. I would start in the junkyard. I have a spare, but I’m not even sure if it works. It seems that the plug for the MAF might be different over the years, although I have not seen that myself–but someone on SaabCentral is dealing with this issue.

      A junkyard shouldn’t charge more than $10 for a MAF I would think.

      Have you tried spraying it with some MAF-specific cleaner? Are you using a performance air filter or stock?

  39. Hi guys. New to the forum, but I am looking for the passenger side tail light bulb socket/circuit board and a connector.

    I also need a the windshield wiper motor/transmission linkage.

    My car is a 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear.


    1. I haven’t seen any NG9-3 in the junkyards’ you-pull section, although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen various later 9-3s behind fences. Another possibility is to follow kijiji, and also see if anyone is parting a 9-3 on saabcentral. You could also give Zoom a call, they dismantle Saabs in their shop.

  40. i have 95 Saab 900 convertible with 73000 miles on it.out of florida,and it now

    has seen its first winter.

    i would like to find the magazine that holds the Cd’s inside the CD changer

    thanks in advance

    1. I see quite a few cars in the junkyard with the changer still installed. I have no idea how much the yards might charge for the entire changer. I suspect that they may be reluctant to sell just the magazine, assuming you could get it out (the electrical system will be dead, so it would have to come out manually somehow).

      In summary, I think your best bet is to get an entire changer, complete with magazine, either from a you-pull junkyard, or from someone parting out a Saab, or someone who has upgraded their system and has the changer lying around. As far as I know, there’s no huge demand for stock Saab 900NG audio systems.

  41. If you have a late model C900 convertible, there’s a very nice 1993 that recently showed up at Cookstown. Top, interior, and back from the grille it looks in great shape. I’ll post pictures in the main area soon. Get your C900 parts while you can!

    1. Too bad hes in Ottawa would have been a nice parts car to that 91 spg for sale on kijiji.. One day will have one but will stick with my NG till then.

  42. Hi new here and love the site. Have had my saab for a year and have enjoyed every minute now. Its coming to the time to find extra parts to keep her running and have noticed Cookstown being mentioned by Ed for parts. Unfortunately I have missed out on a couple of parts cars over the winter in the 400 – 500 range in my area east of Toronto. Just asking if Standard auto wreckers is a good place to check out once in awhile for my model range. 1997 900s 2.3l 4 door. Thanks for any advice or leads.

    1. You can check out Standard but the last time I was there they didn’t have much. Of course these things change, and spring might bring in a new crop of winter beaters or cars that ran into something they shouldn’t have.

      Dom’s in Bowmanville also has Saabs, although their cars are more parted out and picked over I find.

      I haven’t been up to Cookstown since winter started, so I’m not sure what’s up there. 900S cars show up often enough. It depends on what parts you’re looking for, of course.

      By the way, my Saab is a 1997 900S 2.3 coupé (as Saab calls the two-doors).

      1. Hi Ed thanks for the info. With great luck I just purchased a 97 parts car through kijiji its the Talladega model and has all the parts I will need minus the auto tranny as mine is stick. Great body on it, not running too well but for 350 I will save a lot of time staying away from the wreckers. Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular other than yours being a coupe. Take care.

        1. Hi;

          Glad you succeeded. Cookstown currently has only one 900, a 900s with 2.3/auto that’s totally trashed out. I’ll be posting pictures soon, but basically you don’t want to poke your head inside the car, never mind pull interior parts. And it’s severly rusted to boot.

          I never know I need something until I see it. 🙂

          How is the trunk carpeting? I have had some leaks and dirty items put in there. Clean non-dampened trunk lining would be useful. (To get the sides out properly requires pulling the rear seats, and I think rear seat belts. I went through all that a while ago.)

  43. Swapped my ’99 9-3 for a 2008 9-3 Aero a couple of weeks ago – love it. Then, I backed into a snowbank and pulled off a small chunk of the plastic bumper around the exhaust off. Bummer.

    I’m north of Toronto (Newmarket) – anyone know of a saab-capable autobody shop around here? I don’t want to go through insurance, so I’m hoping to find someone to weave some magic and not charge me thousands of dollars.

    All help appreciated!

  44. Wanted.

    Looking for a pioneer Amp 1 as fitted to 9-3 2003-2006. Part # 12757370, it’s located under the drivers seat rail.

    Alternatively, who are the best suppliers of used Saab parts from the GM era models?


  45. Hi, new to the club. I recently bought my second Saab but it was missing the passenger side front floor mat?!?! So I am looking for used or new one.

    2006 Saab 9-3 T
    Front Passenger side

    And a full set if rubber OEM ones if anyone has a set…or stumbles across some in a yard and is willing to ship it out to Calgary for a finders fee.

    Let me know

  46. I’ve decided that I have to give up on my ’86 – 900S with the collapsed rear suspension. It served me well as a daily driver for 14 years and ran better than when I bought it after a wiring fix about 6 years ago and was noticeably quicker than my ’88 -900. A great motor with only about 440k on it. I’ll also be getting rid of my ’86 900s parts car. I would rather that anything useful goes to someone who needs them now or might in the future rather than to the crusher. I am near Bolton, NW of Toronto, email me at Brian

    1. Hi;

      Is there a year range or will any 900C do?

      What are the significant rust places I should look for?

      Would the fender require the yard to pull it (if it’s welded on)? If it’s not really a pull-your-own, I’d start by phoning both Mike’s in Stoney Creek and Cookstown and get a quote on a fender. Last time I went , there was a lone 900C in each of the yards. I don’t know what shape the fender was in.

      1. Classic 900s are all the same. Well, at least back to 1979 when they had a nose job done. That’s the beauty of these older SAABs. They changed very little over the years. So just about any 900C will do for me, but of course the newer the better. The last model year was 1993. This would be the best. Least rust, one would hope.

    1. Hi Dirk;

      Are you in BC or Ontario?

      All second-gen 900s had the same taillights, so any parts car will do. 9-3 taillights won’t fit. My recommendation (as always) is to find a self-serve junkyard and grab a taillight in good condition. It should not be hard to find one. My guess is that they will charge around $25 or $30, you can always ask beforehand.

      Getting a “new” taillight means aftermarket, which may not have the quality of the Saab original (probably made by Valeo).

      I think I have a driver’s side taillight which had a crack in it (replaced with a good unit from a junkyard of course). If I do (I’ll have to check) you can have it for free as it sounds like yours is ruined. But that’s if you’re in the Toronto area, not in BC.

      Alternatively, you can look in ads like Saabcentral or kijiji for people parting out cars. Shipping from the US is not likely to be cost-effective.

  47. Hi Every one, hope i can ask this here,…

    I am in need of one or two 2001 Aero Rims for my 9-5 urgently! If anyone can help me, i would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  48. For classic 900 owners, here’s a trailer hitch for you. Make your Saab even more useful. (I have a trailer hitch on mine. Great when the trunk or roof racks aren’t enough.)

    Ad says:
    I have a trailer hitch that came off my 1992 Saab 900. Will fit 1989-1993 Saab 900’s, and possibly other years.
    Easy 10 minute instal. All hardware is included.
    Sold the car, and no longer have a need for it.
    Asking $50 or best offer.

  49. Hi, everyone. Assuming I don’t get an offer to buy my ’99 9-3 in the next week or two, I’m going to be parting it out. So, if you’re looking for anything from it, let me know what you want and I can set it aside for you.

  50. I believe these are random Classic 900 parts, from the pictures:

    Non-turbo (?) classic 900 coupe, looks not too rusty, and going cheap:

    And finishing up the C900 thing, more parts including head and 5-speed transmission, seller would rather have them go to someone who can use them than the scrapyard:

  51. This is the first time I enter the forum and the reason he is next, in 1980 my father had the Saab repesentación to the Canary Islands, once the leave, the stock of spare parts for the models and 90 were saved 900.99.95.96 in a warehouse
    Today I am sorting by the referencias and in their cases, all parts are original and first-hand, made in Germany, England, Sweden and Germany Este.I am creating a website for sale. While I’ve seen forum parts. If ask anyone needs one I could sell it.
    I have headlights, gearbox, pinion gearbox, camshafts, water pumps, diesel, etc, brake pads, vacuum tripods, bosh for Saab dealers and many more all original parts and first-hand.
    If anyone is interested, you can contact me. thanks, my email is
    I have 2 pdf with the parts , references picture and price that I can send to interested
    best regards

  52. Update from a couple of junk yards.

    Mike’s in Stoney Creek still has about four or five NG900s, a beat-up C900, and I think one 9000.

    At Cookstown, the situation is grim but interesting. Most of the NG900s/9-3s and 9-5s that were there earlier this year have been crushed, or are in the final pile before crushing (I got a few parts off an imminently doomed 9-3). However, there’s a nice C900 turbo coupe, with a pretty good interior. Car has apparently taken a bash in the nose, but what I can see of the engine looks pretty good. The spoiler is sitting loose, ready to take. There’s also an unusual (Saab aftermarket?) spoiler on one of the two NG900s that is sitting in the yard.

  53. i also have a car that’s being parted out. if anyone is needing some parts from a 2000 95 wagon, beige interior with turbo 2.3l. let me know. only have it for a bit till i scrap it. car has a blown head gasket but all in all has many good parts.

    1. Do you still have the car for parts. I am in need of the shifter from the top of the transmission. Mine has disintigrated for some reason, melted the plastic socket. Thanks Rip

  54. I have a 1992 Saab 9000 Hatchback that need’s to go. Approx 360,000km. It was my daily driver until a brake line at the accumulator starting leaking and it does not justify further repairs. The body is in good shape “for the vintage”. It is grey/beige with a beige cloth interior. The seats are in excellent shape – they used a very durable cloth. All exterior lenses are in good shape. The car is non-turbo with an automatic. Engine was running fine and passed e-test. The transmission seemed was working fine – seemed to have no major issues at the time I stopped driving it. Has a newer front down-pipe, catalytic converter and rear muffler. Some chain noise. Has summer and winter steel rims. I also have a few new spare parts – oil filters, cabin filter, air filter and an assortment of other misc used spares including a second red DI cassette. My wife and I now drive his and hers 9-5’s so we are still in the family. As some of you know, the 9000’s have a great handling dynamic, superior to the 9-5’s in many ways. I still like sitting in the car – the interior was way ahead of it’s time back when the first 9000 left final assembly. Sadly, its now a restoration project for an enthusiast or parts car. Would like it to live on in whole or in part on our roads rather than having to call for a highway to heaven pickup. Dave at 905-659-0628. Best or first offer(s).

  55. Here’s one for early 9-5 fans: For parts or fix.

    2001 saab 9-5 wagon $600.00 Hamilton, ON,

    No rust good shape new brakes
    2001 Saab 9-5 Silver on BlackLeather
    Fully Loaded
    Engine over heats might need thermostat
    2.3L (B235E Engine) turbo works
    All Power Options
    Bumper to BumperEverything is there
    Good runner doesn’t need.much will scrap it or.part it.out

  56. FOR SALE: Brake pads for 1983 SAAB 900s. Never used, but left over in my parts bin from when I had a SAAB. – 5 new rear pads – Raybestos PDG21 and 1 new front pad, SAAB OEM. Make me an offer….I’ll probably take it. Would prefer pick up as opposed to mailing all over the place. Am located in Brampton Ontario. Thanks.


    1. I can’t believe it, this makes the second Sonett for sale in the Niagara area recently. If anyone wants me to look at it just let me know, I’ve already sent a reply to the owner. I’m only minutes away from Beamsville.

  57. Here’s one for 9000 owners. Pretty good deal on wheels with tires, looks like.

    Rims and tires came off a 1993 saab 9000 cse turbo. They are perfectly balanced and there is about %75 tread left.
    Rims are very clean! No curb rash.
    Tires are Falken 205/60/r15 i believe
    Bolt pattern is 4×108, so as far as i know would fit a mercury cougar as well.

  58. Two classic 900 turbo convertibles, $5000.

    Selling for a friend who passed away Xmas. TWO Turbo convertibles, GREY Manual,115,711 km, black leather interior, a very clean car but tear to hood.
    Second RED Automatic Turbo with Tan interior and NEW hood,146,239 Km tear to drivers seat. Both car road worthy/driveable. Host of spares including a rare THREE PIECE HOOD COVER, cars located Innisfil. Prefer to sell as a job lot $5000.

  59. Here’s one for late models:
    2008-2010 SAAB 9.3

    By the way, I don’t know who this person in the Kitchener area is, but she/he posts quite a variety of interesting Saab parts. Well, I assume it’s the same person. There’s no “see other ads by same poster” link, unfortunately.

  60. Selling saab 17” three spoke ” klingons ” They have seen better days some paint corrosion and a few curb rash spots but the rims are 100% true zero wobble at any speed. i took these rims to 250 km/h on a top speed run. They currently have winter mounted on them im looking to sell these for 200 without winters or 250 with winters, the winters have about 2 seasons left.

    im open to best offers also. looking to only sell local im in the Toronto and we can meet up any where around the GTA. Thanks!

  61. I am looking for OEM or similar after market front floor mats for a 2004 93 Linear. Anyone know where I can source these in the Toronto area.

    1. Are you looking for new, or would used do?

      For used, you could try phoning around junkyards and seeing if they have any of your generation 9-3 in stock. These are too new to show up in the you-pull section, where you can check out the mats and grab them if they’re nice.

      For new, maybe try Budd’s? They may have some left-over floormats. With the small number of Saabs made, I’m not sure there will be a lot of aftermarket sources.

        1. It doesn’t hurt to follow kijiji and craigslist. I see floormats come up from time to time. There’s a set of rubber matts for my car (900) that I’ve seen….too bad they’re in Ottawa! (OEM mats for a 15 year old car are not available new, and hard to find in good condition used. I think State of 9 has some, but they’re *expensive*.)

          1. Good news, I found a set of used OEM winter rubber floor mats from a Saab reseller in TO for a reasonable price that fit a 2004 93.

  62. Kind of a part….how about a cycling jersey with the Saab logo, perfect to wear when….hmm, why would you be riding your bicycle instead of driving your Saab?

    Here is a very nice Giordana Cycling Jersey.

    This Jersey is from Saab and Bicycling Magizine. The size is M, and it is Black. It is a M – perfect for the cyclist.


    Retail was $99.99.

    —–BUY NOW for $45—–

    (I wonder if I can bargain them down?)

  63. I have a 2001 9.3 Convert . Anyone know of a rebuilder
    to repair the led screen on the dash. It’s for the HVAC
    system. Reads out the temp and other information for
    the heating / cooling /venting of the cabin.

    Thanks Tom

  64. I’m a Saab neophyte (just picked up used 1999 9-3) , and have two questions:

    1) My SID Display is shot. I don’t think I can do the “ribbon” thing myself – where can I get it fixed/replaced?

    2) Where’s the best place to get parts? I need a turn signal bulb socket right now, and who knows what else later!


    1. 1. With the 9-3 SID, you have a couple of choices. One is to frequent wreckers. I know that Cookstown will sell a SID for around $30 give or take. There was a newly-inducted 9-3 in March whose SID seemed pretty good (car was so recent that battery was still in). The other choice is to send your existing unit to be rebuilt. BBA has a branch in Concord (north of Toronto). I haven’t dealt with them, but BBA in the US has a very good reputation. This will run you $100+ but you get a lifetime warranty, all bulbs fixed, etc.

      2. You want to find the best you-pull junkyard in your area that has Saabs. I like Cookstown (highway 400/89) in the Toronto area for their prices. Is that a socket for the front turn signal? Clipping the leads with the socket attached will be essentially free. I do this all the time–it’s always nice to have the connector/leads to test items such as lamps, motors, etc.

      1. Thanks Ed ! Went to BBA – picked up a remanufactured SID, works like a charm.

        Yes, I’ll check out Cookstown and see what I can find.

        Take care,

        1. Did you go to their actual location? What was your impression? When I talked to them, they were only open weekdays, and I have had no opportunity to visit.

  65. New Genuine SAAB 9-3 CD Holder(Smart Slot)- $35

    I have a brand new genuine 2008 SAAB 9-3 CD Holder(Smart Slot) for sale- $35. It’s a real space saver for storing your CD’s in your car. If interested, please call 416-242-9670. Thank you.

  66. Brand New Genuine 2008 SAAB 9-3 Fog Light Kit- $ 220

    Up for sale is a brand new genuine SAAB complete fog light kit for a 2008 SAAB 9-3(will fit other years). It includes the left/right fog lights, cable harness, fog light switch for interior, and screws. Everything you need to install fog lights on your car. All original SAAB parts at a bargain price for the complete kit. If interested, please call 416-242-9670. Thank you.

  67. I stopped by Cookstown Auto Wreckers (Highway 89 and 400) a few weekends back to check out the Saabs.

    There were about four or five NG900s, including V6, 2.3, and turbo cars. Two 9-5s, one wagon, one sedan. At least one OG9-3. No 9000s or OG900s.

    Cookstown tends to put out cars over ten years old into the you-pull area. I find their prices are pretty good, particularly for bits and pieces which would cost you a fortune if ordered from a specialist, and maybe not even available online.

    For 9000 and classic 900, you might want to try Mike’s in Stoney Creek.

    If anyone has some favourite junkyards, post them here!

  68. Hello everyone new guy here I have some parts I would like to sell first is A brand new cylinder head comes complete it’s from a 2.0L 9-3 turbo I also have the clutch and oil cooler I’m in the south Etobicoke area

  69. How about a 1988 Saab 900 Turbo Engine and 5 speed Transmission?

    Ad says:
    Engine and transmission in good shape and comes with the following parts:

    OEM Turbo manifold
    OEM T3 Turbo

    OEM Intake manifold

    Magnacore HP Spark Plug leads (new)

    Bosch re-circ BOV (new)
    Turbo Rebuild Kit (new)
    Sachs Clutch Kit (new)
    Head gasket kit (new)

  70. Anyone want a Sonnet III?

    Yellow-orange, in the Kawarthas.
    Licence plate indicates the seller purchased from Gentry Lane maybe a year or two ago.

    Text says:

    Date Listed 25-Jan-13
    Price Please contact
    Address Cameron, ON K0M 1G0, Canada
    View map
    For Sale By Owner
    Make Saab
    Model Other
    Trim Sonett III
    Year 1973
    Kilometers 3708
    Body Type Coupe (2 door)
    Transmission Manual
    Colour Other
    Drivetrain Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
    Fuel Type Gasoline

    Your once in a lifetime chance to own an ultra rare affordable sports car. This car has a 55HP V4 engine and is slung low for one heck of a fun ride and has been stored inside so it is in really nice shape. Bound to move fast so email me to make an appointment to come see it for yourself. Summer is just around the corner!

  71. Been on Hunt for ‘Exhaust Decor Kit’: Plastic piece that finishes off the diffuser cut-out for the twin outlet after-market Saab muffler on (among others) non-Aero 9-3SS.

    Decor Kit 9-3 SS/CV 03- [Part #12793160]

    On back-order everywhere it seems.

    50 smackers if you’ve got one in either new /close to condition!


    1. Have you tried junkyards? Assuming it’s a pretty standard 9-3SS part, there ought to be a few of these hiding. (Won’t be in the you-pull yards obviously.)

  72. Anyone need a 900 1990-1993 RH headlight? Apparently $75 new in box:

    How about a Class 1 hitch for ’94-’98 900? The picture is pretty hard to understand, but it looks brand new. (It’s not a Draw-Tite, that’s for sure.) $100.

  73. PS. I monitor Toronto and Ontario online ads. (After all, I’m always on the lookout for parts for my car, but Alberta or Nova Scotia is a long way to drive.) So you you see an ad which might be of interest in other regions of Canada, please pass it on. Thanks!

  74. Hi, and welcome to the Saab Club of Canada’s buy and sell forum. It’s open to everyone.

    We will also be forwarding any interesting Craigslist or Kijiji postings that club members (and other Saab owners) may be interested in. The ad may be for parts that fit a different model of Saab, or maybe a great deal on a car but our driveway is already full of Saabs….but it looks like a great deal. So check back often!

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