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Megawheelz meeting followup

Quite a number of low-riding VWs and other German-engineered machinery showed up in spite of looming skies. There were at least three SAABs; Martin’s Viggen, Chris’ 9-3SS and Nestor’s beautiful late model 9-3 conv. We definitely need to lower our cars, guys! All in all a pleasant afternoon.

sunday-1 sunday-2 sunday-3

Sunday Meeting at Megawheelz

October 16 @ 11:00 am3:00 pm

All are invited to join a meeting at Megawheelz tire shop (12-1075 Queensway East, Mississauga). The owner Param Johl has a soft spot for SAABs (long story, ask him on Sunday if you are interested) and would like us to join with other shop customers for an afternoon of car chat. Sunday, October 16, 11am -3pm.

Martin will be there with his Yellow Viggen and we hope to see other club members as well. This is also a charity event and Param asks us to bring some canned food for donations.

Contact Martin if you need more information:

Fall Colours Pictures

It was threatening, it was supposed to rain, it did rain lots–just not on the Tour. Not a drop!

This is a funny fall. Some trees have changed colour, some have even dropped their leaves….while others are still bright green.

Beside “Fall Colours”, there was another theme: here today and gone tomorrow. No, not our Saabs, but some of the nice farmland. We passed a major new highway interchange, cornfields seemingly in the middle of nowhere zoned and about to be redeveloped as industrial/commercial, and some residential developmnets that are springing up like mushrooms. We will not have these same nice country roads in five years!

Significant SAAB classic

In the 35 year anniversary edition’s of Toronto Star Wheels section the original editor Jim Kenzie describes 10 most significant cars in Wheels history. One of the cars is SAAB 900 light-pressure turbo.


Mr. Kenzie writes: “The car industry ain’t the Olympics — sometimes, being first does not win you the gold medal.

A couple of decades ago, Per Gillbrand, chief engine engineer for SAAB, the ‘other’ Swedish car company, said that to get performance with good fuel consumption and low emissions, you had to go four-cylinder turbo.

It worked a treat.

The SAAB 900 and other models which used this system did all of the above, with little of the turbo lag so often associated with turbo engines.

Never mind the high-pressure turbocharged SAABs, which were simply road rockets.

Today, just about everybody is going four-cylinder turbo.

SAAB, which was first, is now effectively defunct.

Small consolation, Mr. Gilbrand, but you can walk proud knowing you were right.”


I am not sure why the author picked the light pressure turbo model, introduced in 1990 in c900 which in my opinion was underpowered. Still, the article correctly highlights the 4 cylinder turbo as a futuristic solution which has taken over in the industry to the point that even the American muscle cars (Mustang, Camaro) are using this technology.

This is a good opportunity to post a photo of the real classic, 1991 SPG. The SPG (Special Performance Group) had a stronger turbo boost, 175Hp (vs. 145Hp in the light pressure 900), and it can still run with the best of them. 1991 was the last year of SPGs. There were total 254 1991 SPGs sold in the US, 40 of them in Talladega Red. Only 3 are listed in the registry,

including a canadian example shown below.