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  1. March 24/2017. I collected informations from professional firms:
    You can have Brokers do all the paper work for about 1,800 to 2,000 dollars.Most Saab are importable to Canada but,beeing built
    in Sweden,pay import duty.All together,excluding transportation,
    and our currency at 0.75 cent on the USA dollar,the USA $ asking
    price ended up with a 60 % plus.
    A Saab, I was looking for, at $ 12,500 would cost, to import,about, $20,000.cnd

    1. Back when the Canadian dollar was close to par with the US dollar, a lot of cars were brought in from the US. I assume there are ways to get the paperwork done cheaper. But with the exchange rate, it would only make sense for a bargain rust-free car, or an exceptionally rare car that you really really want.

  2. I’m not sure if my post was done. So I replica:
    I would like to import from the USA a : Saab 9-3 Aero Turbo 6 Convertible.If some body went through this difficult procedure
    (for the buracracy involved),could,please,share the experience?
    I started,got lost. Please a little help here !
    With my regards.
    V. Runcini

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