Meeting fellow SAAB owners at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) – June 24, 2017

      SAAB Club members and other SAAB enthusiasts are invited to attend events at CTMP on June 24, 2017. Ontario Time Attack will be conducting Racing School&Lapping day in conjunction with some other planned events by CASC-OR. CTMP is a famous racing track (formerly Mosport) just north of Bowmanville, Ontario. The track is easily accessible via Hwy 401, 407 or Hwy 35 and is located in a scenic, hilly area just off the Durham regional Hwy 20.  It is  approximately 1hr. 30min from downtown TO. The grounds are perfectly suited for a picnic and an informal gathering of SAAB enthusiasts. Cafeteria is open throughout the day and lunch is available if you don’t pack your own food.

More details at the track’s web site.

As a bonus, Martin will be there all day and he is offering free rides around the track in his Yellow Viggen. He will be busy part of the time instructing registered students at the track, but there are usually several twenty-minute sessions for instructors throughout the day starting at 9AM to accommodate guests as passengers. You will have to sign a waver and it will be best if you can bring your own helmet (SA 2010 helmet is mandatory for the track), but there are usually enough people around so one can borrow helmet as well. No worry, the speeds will not be at the racing pace, but you can get a feel for what it’s like by watching a brief video posted below. The average speed for Viggen with Martin at the wheel is 135km/hr reaching nearly 200 at the back straight. You will experience what a well prepared SAAB can do on a twisted road with no speed limits. Who knows, perhaps you will get encouraged and take an advanced driving school yourself in the future. Regardless, we hope to see your there!

A timed lap by # 283 Viggen at the CTMP, 2014. A short segment at the start followed by flying lap at speed

Sorry about the wind noise and the shaking. GoPro on the roof!

For more details contact Martin via email

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