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Going to some event, autosport or other wise, that might be of interest to club members? Post details here.

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  1. Just back from a quick trip to Syracuse New York, where I found Godwing Saab Parts. This was probably the most successful parts finding trip Ive ever had in 50m years of horsing around with cars,

    There people are extraordinary, they have about 1000 Saabs ( thats no typo ) in stock all arranged by year and model. They could not have been nicer, more cooperative or fairer,

    Got exactly what I was looking for and then some. Josh, the parts manager was a pleasure to deal with, They ship everywhere, Then we went to the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse for the best BBQ I.ve ever had.

    This is a trip we should be thinking about as a club, Saab heaven, followed by Pig Heaven.
    They’re at 2008 U.S Rout 11 Hastings New York 315-668-5800. 20 minutes South of Syracuse on 81

  2. I needed to have the Speedo repaired on my “Project” ( reading about 20 mph to fast.
    Some of the Local talent with whom I spoke quoted in excess of $200. and gave me the impression they were doing me a favor.

    Found Rick Borth @ Overseas Speedometer in Texas, Long story short, The work was done quickly ( turnaround time incl. shipping up and back less than 2 weeks. $ 85.00 and $19 for shipping. I’m a Happy guy.

  3. Attended my first club meeting last nite ( new member ) enjoyed myself throughly, picked up a real good tip on engine cleaning, “Scrubbing Bubbles” Looking forward to the next meeting and events.

    Thanks to all,


    1. Wondering the same about the GTA … I am new to the ste so I may be missing something … I also wonder about the judging criteria for the SAAB convention the range between concours and people’s choice is very broad.

      1. There are regular monthly meetings of the Club, generally third Wednesday of the Month in south Etobicoke. There are other events such as drives: the Wine Tour is coming up later this summer, which brings out a lot of Saabs and travels through some very nice countryside. There has been a non-club meeting of Saab owners. They are on Facebook where I am not. 🙂

        The Saab Club of Canada is sponsoring the Saab convention, but is not directly involved in the organizing. The organizers should be able to answer your questions; hopefully they’re not being run off their feet in setting up this event!

          1. Hi Tony;

            Meetings are at eZone, which is at the corner of East Mall and North Queen. That is maybe a kilometre from the junction of Gardiner/QEW/427.

    2. Nothing is planned for Ottawa right now. If you’re interested in meeting up fellow Club members and Saab owners, I may be able to help. (Keeping in mind privacy laws means giving out membership lists and e-mail addresses is tricky.)

      I am in Ottawa from time to time, but work situation this year means limited weekend trips. I don’t think I’ll make Canada Day on Parliament Hill. 🙁

  4. This morning I started my car and killed it. Now it wont start. I tryed jumping it, it tries to turn over but wont does anybody have any idea what it could be. Maybe a fuel pump?

    1. Hi;

      This is not a good place to ask technical questions, and definitely not a good place to get immediate replies.

      Go to saabcentral.com and search for the right forum for your car (which I’m not sure what it is).

      You will need a much better description of what’s wrong. From what you have written (and lack of info about the car) it could be anything. If you are thinking it’s a fuel pump, why do you think so?

  5. Anyone in the London Ontario area who wants to experience an autocross event should stop by Fanshawe College on Saturday September 21. The actual running of the event is going to be probably 10 AM to 3 PM.

    This is a charity event, and ride-alongs by spectators are encouraged. So even if you don’t want to run your car, you can get lots of rides with experienced competitors. Some of them are regional champions, so you are sure to get a brisk trip around the course.

  6. Well here we are just about at the end of our epic road trip. Sitting here in my daughters home packing for our home trip. We hope to be out of here tomorrow around 5 AM.
    Got some great pictures and Carol is going to put together a spread sheet on mileage, gas bought and consumption details that I will post now I have found somewhere to post it!
    The car has performed pretty well with no major issues that I hope will not show too for the next 5000 Ks we are contemplating as of tomorrow.
    First thing to break was the door window fell out of its track. Our local SAAB guy Bob at Swedish Autosport (http://www.swedauto.bc.ca/splash.php) soon had the problem diagnosed and fixed for the cost of $140.00 or so. whilst there I arranged to have an oil change before we left, that happened this morning$140.00. Left the garage to go pick up family downtown they advised me I had a headlight out. Back to garage and just as I arrived at the garage the SID did inform me that I did indeed have a bulb out…/ He replaced both bulbs $90.00. out for the day it went out again same bulb…!!! back to the shop just before he closed. Apparently the plastic bulb holder was burning so shorted out the bulb. At least he did the new holder and bulb for free. Boarding a ferry on Wednesday I hit a steel curb and took a chunk out of the front passenger side tire. Advice is conflicting about replacing the tire or leaving as is. Mechanic today said not to worry just a chunk out of the rubber and not through to the re-enforcing bands or whatever. I will leave the tire on but now it is on the rear just in case. Well supper is out so I will close this short update for now and look forward to another great drive alas homeward bound.

    Robin Parnell

    1. Good to hear you will be back with us soon.

      Does your car have HID or halogen headlights?

      A chunk out of your tire doesn’t sound too good. It could cause vibration, and 5000 km of shaking would sure get on my nerves.

  7. It’s spring around here (southern Ontario). One of my favourite drives is to follow the Grand River from its headwaters around Dundalk, down to Lake Erie. Takes three or four hours I guess, passing through Grand Valley, Fergus/Elora, Beslau, Cambridge, Paris, Brantford (easiest place to lose the route), Caledonia, Cayuga, and Dunnville.

    I’m not sure how you’d program such a route into a GPS. Paper maps, the detailed large-scale ones, are best for this.

  8. Autocross (Solo II) season is back!

    I’ll be taking my my 1997 900S to the Peterborough Motorsport Club this Sunday at Kawartha Downs (which is close to Peterborough Ontario, off Higway 115).

    It’s called the “Cobweb Solo” because there haven’t been any events since last fall and you kind of need to clean out the cobwebs.

    It’s free to come and spectate. I imagine to run in the event would be around $30.

    If you want to try running an autocross, as long as your car is mechanically sound (good brakes, no leaks) pretty much all you would do at the event is take out stuff that might fly around or compromise your control (such as stuff in the back seat, floormats, etc.), pump up your front tires to 45 PSI or so, and use a loaner helmet.

    The runs start at around 10AM. To register, I’d suggest getting there by 9:30AM at the latest; driver’s meeting is at 9:45.

    1. Was fun, but “Cobweb” for sure. For some people, they have to pick up the pace because they’re taking it too easy. I’m kind of the opposite.

      At least I beat two drivers (father and son team) in a new-ish (201X) 911. However, I got beaten by an Interpid, who not only did not take all his runs, but on the last run went around with three people in the car.

      Full results aren’t posted yet, so I’m not sure of all the details.

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