About the Club

Founded in 1978, the Saab Club of Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to Saab owners’ enjoyment of their automobile in a convivial atmosphere. There are members across Canada, though the majority live in the Greater Toronto Area.

The club has monthly meetings in Toronto with interesting guest speakers, car clinics, discounts on car related products at numerous businesses including many (ex)Saab dealers, social events and a sympathetic ear for any compliments or complaints about your Saab.

Club Bylaws

Privacy Policy

Mailing Address

The Saab Club of Canada, 1232 Landfair Crescent, Oakville, ON L6H 2N3

President, Vice-President and Board of Directors

President and Director
Chris Despond (president@saabclub.ca)
Vice-President and Membership
Martin Wojtowicz (vp@saabclub.ca)
Secretary and Director
Richard Clayton
Director and Tool Guru
Ed Treijs
Director and CASC-OR Representative
Stan East
Nestor Petruniak


Greg New (treasurer@saabclub.ca)
Webmaster, Privacy
Fred Hopper (webmaster@saabclub.ca)
Social Media
Scott Hutchings (saabscott@saabclub.ca)
Annual Niagara Winery Tour
Paul Stephenson (social@saabclub.ca)
Advertising, Discounts

The Saab Club of Canada is proud to be affiliated with CASC-OR which is, in turn, affiliated with ASN Canada FIA.