Jul 06 2014

Niagara Winery Tour 2014

Jul 06 2014

Saab Owners Convention in Toronto

Matthew and I had a really great time at the convention it was really a wonderful Event!

Here is a link to my pics


Jun 24 2014

June meeting: 9-3 convertibles take the spotlight

The Club’s June meeting had a bunch of chatting with fellow Saab owners while the weather improved. It was supposed to be sunny, but it actually was humid and drizzling. But finally it got beautiful and sunny stopped raining anyway, and we went out to look at our mini-car show.  The three 9-3 convertibles, a Viggen and two customs, set the scene.




Click for more pix….

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May 09 2014

Back roads, views, waterfalls, trilliums

We had a small group on our drive. It worked out well, as you can see below. In particular, the weather turned very clear–perfect because one of the elements of this drive was the views. Everyone was surprised the weather turned nice, I guess. We had the roads to ourselves. I don’t recall encountering a single loud motorcycle on our entire journey!


The sun was bright and the sky was blue. Paul’s green convertible looks midnight blue in this picture.

Before we left, we had a look at some Saab sales material from the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, cars actually had colours. Different colours. Imagine that!

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Apr 29 2014

Saabs at Mike’s April 2014

I stopped by Mike’s in Stoney Creek the other day. Mike’s is only a few kilometres down the road (5.5 km to the east) from the start of the Trillium Drive, and open Sundays from 9 AM (though you should check with them in case they aren’t following those hours). So you could check them out before meeting for the drive. The Saabs are right on the way in; but you’ll use up a good fifteen or twenty minutes signing in and walking past the closed section.

Rustproofing didn’t work too well on this 9-3.P1000436(1)


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Apr 12 2014

Saabs in Cookstown, April 2014

Update April 29: there’s a silver 9-3 coupe in Cookstown. I didn’t get a picture of the exterior, but the interior was very clean and well-kept. It was hit in the back right corner pretty well, which is why it’s in the yard.  It’s not the most deluxe version, since the passenger seat is manual and the rear seats aren’t heated as far as I could tell. Someone already pulled some of the coupe-specific weatherstrip, so the interior my not last for a long time. I got some coupe-specific items myself.


Here’s a recently-arrived convertible at Cookstown.

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Feb 27 2014

Spring Event: Trillium Drive GO for this Sunday May 4th

UPDATE Friday May 2nd:

I’ve checked things out and we will have trilliums.

It may be rainy and the trails certainly will be a bit on the wet side, so please bring:

  • Sturdy footwear (real hiking boots are best)
  • A good mat or some other place to put wet and/or muddy footwear
  • Something water-resistant to wear in case it rains

We will be hiking for maybe 40 minutes total, in a few different places.

After the trilliums, those who want can come down and see some of the Welland Canal. Hopefully we can catch some ships going through the locks.

The trillium hike part will be about 2.5 to three hours. Add another hour or so for the Welland Canal. After that we can find someplace to have lunch in St. Catharines.

Remember, we are meeting at 10 AM at the Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s at the corner of Centennial Parkway and Mud Street, at the top of the Escarpment above Stoney Creek.


Think spring! Ontario’s flower is the trillium, and in spring you can see hundreds or thousands blooming on the forest floor….would you be interested in a Saab Club of Canada drive to see them?

Approximate date would be early or mid May. The little rascals are more sensitive to Mother Nature and the warmth of spring than they are to Saab clubs. Drive would be from Stoney Creek to St. Catharines along back roads, with three or four stops. In addition to trilliums, we will see a number of waterfalls. Estimated time would be approximately three hours. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough that convertible owners will be able to do some top-down driving.


Some walking will be required. The best trillium viewing area will have mud and rocks. However, there will be at least one trillium area that is fully accessible for everyone.

We can also extend the drive to include some attractions in the Niagara Falls area, such as Welland Canal viewing, tours of generating stations, or the Butterfly Conservatory. Please leave your comments and vote in our poll!

Let us know your opinion on a spring driving event

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