Aug 26 2014

August meeting report

The Saab Club of Canada’s August meeting was hosted by Paul at GB Auto. Paul started his career working on Saabs and is determined to renew and increase that tradition. GB Auto also has a 10% discount for Club members.

We sat around talking Saabs and enjoying pizza and refreshements provided by Paul–thanks! Afterwards, we had a tour of GB’s facilities.

As a bonus, long-time Club member Rob brought a large box full of specialty tools and parts that he offered to club members who could use them. Thanks Rob!

Aug 13 2014

Winery Tour Pics!

The weather was perfect for this year’s Winery Tour, half of the cars attending were convertibles and it was top down cruising the whole time!

Thirty Bench Wine Makers in Beamsville was a beautiful location for our Meet & Greet. The Winery is well known for some award-winning Rieslings and has some great gift ideas for the the wine lover.

A short drive to Vineland and we arrived at Kacaba Vineyards. Here we were warmly greeted by Production Assistant & Sales Representative Vadim Chelekhov.

Vadim treated us to a great presentation and tasting for our group. His passion and enthusiasim for not only the wine but the way in which Kacaba produces it’s mulitple-award winning wines literally spills out of him!

Kacaba also provided some very delicious cheese plates to go with our Picnic Lunch!

Our next stop was Vieni Wine & Spirits

Steven DiMora guided us on a tour of their very impressive facilities and tasting room.

Our last stop Mike Weir Winery

This winery has a great viewing area and my wife and I often come outside with a glass of White Merlot and just sit back and enjoy the view!

Alyson and I would like to thank everyone that attended this year’s tour. We really hope that you enjoyed the tour, it was great to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones too!

Here is a link to some more pictures!

I already have some ideas for the next one, if you want to know what they are then I’ll see you at the 2015 Niagara Winery Tour!

Aug 03 2014

Winery Tour This Weekend!

On Sunday Aug 10th we are meeting for our 10th Annual Niagara Winery tour!

 Our Meet & Greet starts at 10am at Thirty Bench Winery in Beamsville

Our next stop is Kacaba Winery in Vineland.  This is also our location for our Picnic Lunch!

After lunch we are off to Vieni Estates Winery

Our last stop is Mike Weir Winery

For those who would like please join us for dinner at a restraunt in Grimsby following the Tour

For those who have not been on a Tour check out a short video from a few years back!

Jul 06 2014

Niagara Winery Tour 2014

Jul 06 2014

Saab Owners Convention in Toronto

Matthew and I had a really great time at the convention it was really a wonderful Event!

Here is a link to my pics

Jun 24 2014

June meeting: 9-3 convertibles take the spotlight

The Club’s June meeting had a bunch of chatting with fellow Saab owners while the weather improved. It was supposed to be sunny, but it actually was humid and drizzling. But finally it got beautiful and sunny stopped raining anyway, and we went out to look at our mini-car show.  The three 9-3 convertibles, a Viggen and two customs, set the scene.




Click for more pix….

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May 09 2014

Back roads, views, waterfalls, trilliums

We had a small group on our drive. It worked out well, as you can see below. In particular, the weather turned very clear–perfect because one of the elements of this drive was the views. Everyone was surprised the weather turned nice, I guess. We had the roads to ourselves. I don’t recall encountering a single loud motorcycle on our entire journey!


The sun was bright and the sky was blue. Paul’s green convertible looks midnight blue in this picture.

Before we left, we had a look at some Saab sales material from the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, cars actually had colours. Different colours. Imagine that!

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